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School & College Projects

Admissionsinindia is a education portal where students can post projects for the related category. That project will help other students to get benefit.

Posted Projects
Project in Android Technology
Project in Android Technology: It's a DOCUMENTATION
Download project_other_1610070631.php
Posted by Sonam Kumari on 08 Feb, 2014 13:42:25 under "Other"

Project in Android Technology
Project In Android Technology: It's a power point presentation
Download project_other_1402080139.pptx
Posted by Sonam Kumari on 08 Feb, 2014 13:39:28 under "Other"

Download project_electrical_engineering_1202150441.pptx
Posted by Anjali Roy on 15 Feb, 2012 04:41:08 under "Engineering > Electrical engineering"

Happy Diwali
Download project_other_1202150419.ppt
Posted by suman saurav on 15 Feb, 2012 04:19:30 under "Other"

Marketing Research on positioning of Hero Honda bikes in India
Finding The Gap Between Consumer Perception And Brand Positioning Of Hero Honda Bikes In India
Download project_other_1202130623.DOC
Posted by Annu Bhatia on 13 Feb, 2012 06:23:32 under "Other"

Corporate Internship Report
A comparative analysis of Indian depository participants with special reference to India Infoline ltd.
Download project_mba_1202130517.doc
Posted by Annu Bhatia on 13 Feb, 2012 05:17:20 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Download project_electrical_engineering_1202131218.ppt
Posted by pragya gautam on 13 Feb, 2012 00:18:57 under "Engineering > Electrical engineering"

Download project_electrical_engineering_1202131212.ppsx
Posted by pragya gautam on 13 Feb, 2012 00:12:32 under "Engineering > Electrical engineering"

Fibre used in Telecom & Their Characteristics - Copy
power point presentation
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202131206.pptx
Posted by Neha Singh on 13 Feb, 2012 00:06:00 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

Faces of Indian Women
Power point presentation
Download project_other_1202121159.pptx
Posted by divya singh on 12 Feb, 2012 23:59:05 under "Other"

Faces of Indian Women
It is a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202121142.ppt
Posted by Anjali Roy on 12 Feb, 2012 23:42:01 under "Other"

Digital Switching
It ia a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202121138.pptx
Posted by Anjali Roy on 12 Feb, 2012 23:38:07 under "Other"

Lasers in medical sciences
It is a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202121130.
Posted by Anjali Roy on 12 Feb, 2012 23:30:01 under "Other"

Summer Training Project Report
Comparative research on market size of beer brands of mohan meakins ltd. With its competitors.
Download project_mba_1202110711.doc
Posted by Annu Bhatia on 11 Feb, 2012 07:03:04 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Comparative Analysis of Sharekhan & Other Stock Broker Companies
To maintain and cope up with the growing competition from the various online trading providers, Sharekhan needs to find potential clients, also the new investors and satisfy their needs. The Broad objective of the project is to equip the trainees with all the quality which is essential to face any circumstances which can arise while providing service to the clients.
Download project_mba_1202100721.doc
Posted by Smriti  on 10 Feb, 2012 07:21:05 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Export Marketing and Documentation for Sterling International
Basically there is no major difference between “Internal Trade” and “Foreign Trade”. We can say foreign trade is an extended version of internal trade, as rules, regulations, and laws of two countries needs to comply with. Therefore it involves greater risk and more dedication, precaution on part of both parties involved. Foreign Trade can be further divided into IMPORT TRADE, EXPORT TRADE AND RE-EXPORT TRADE.
Download project_mba_1202100714.doc
Posted by Smriti  on 10 Feb, 2012 07:14:12 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Is the recession over???
It is a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202110652.ppt
Posted by Neha Singh on 10 Feb, 2012 01:28:14 under "Other"

presentation on inflation
It is a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202110650.ppt
Posted by Neha Singh on 10 Feb, 2012 01:23:22 under "Other"

Child Labour
It is a power point presentation
Download project_other_1202110653.pptx
Posted by Neha Singh on 10 Feb, 2012 01:20:38 under "Other"

HDFC Standard Life Insurance Product in Public
This Project Report has been completed in Partial fulfillment of my management Program, MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) in the company HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE. The objective of my project was “TO CREATE AWARENESS ABOUT HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCT IN PUBLIC”.
Download project_mba_1202090524.doc
Posted by swati  aggarwal on 09 Feb, 2012 05:24:28 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Working Capital Management of Luminous
I, Rajesh Chaurasia , Roll No. 10516603909 M.B.A. Final year (III semester) of UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES KASHMIRI GATE hereby state that the Summer Training Report entitled "WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT OF LUMINOUS”.
Download project_mba_1202090518.doc
Posted by swati  aggarwal on 09 Feb, 2012 05:18:57 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Finance Project on Final FII's
Preservation, inspiration and motivation have always played a key role in the success of any venture. First of all I would like to thank the supreme power, the almighty god, who is the one who has always guided me to work on the right path of my life. I express my sincere thanks to Ms. Divya Verma my faculty mentor, for the valuable suggestion and making this project a real successful.
Download project_mba_1202090309.doc
Posted by aditya singh on 09 Feb, 2012 03:09:51 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Future of Commodity Market in India
This is to Certify that the Project Titled “ Commodity Market in India”. is done by “SANJAY KUMAR ” Roll number-08216603909, has been submitted in University School of Management Studies, Delhi, under my guidance and direction.
Download project_mba_1202090235.doc
Posted by aditya singh on 09 Feb, 2012 02:35:37 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

ICICI Financials Personal Loan
First of all I would like to thank “Dr. Shilpa Jain ”, my Mentor at University School of Management Studies, “Mr. Santosh Kumar ”, Assistant Manager, ICICI Financial Personal Loan, Delhi.
Download project_mba_1202090232.doc
Posted by aditya singh on 09 Feb, 2012 02:32:15 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Study of Recruitment & Selection Process in Aviva Life Insurance
This is to certify that Saumya Mehta student of SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & RESEARCH, Pune has completed her field work report at AVIVA Life Insurance on the topic of “Recruitment and Selection” and has submitted the field work report in partial fulfillment of MASTER IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT of the UNIVERSITY OF PUNE.
Download project_mpm_1202090126.pdf
Posted by kartik kumar Soni on 09 Feb, 2012 01:26:20 under "Professional Courses > Master in Personnel Management (MPM)"

Training and Development at HCL Infosystem
This is to certify that Mudassar Sheikh Student of SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION & RESEARCH; Pune has completed his field work report at HCL Infosystems on the topic of “TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME” and has submitted the field work report in partial fulfillment of MASTER IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMT of the UNIVERSITY OF PUNE.
Download project_mpm_1202090140.pdf
Posted by kartik kumar Soni on 09 Feb, 2012 01:23:38 under "Professional Courses > Master in Personnel Management (MPM)"

Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Analysis at Champion Voyager Designers Pvt. Ltd.
Preparing a project of this nature is an arduous task and I was fortunate enough to get support from a large number of people to whom I shall always remain grateful. I would like to express my gratitude to Champion Voyager Designers Pvt Ltd for allowing me to undertake this project.
Download project_mba_1202060734.pdf
Posted by aditya singh on 06 Feb, 2012 07:34:08 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

A Study of the Core Recruitment & Selection at Reliance Communications
The purpose of the study of Recruitment and Selection in Reliance communications is to experience the quantity and quality of Human Resource which is needed by the company.
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202060626.pdf
Posted by aditya singh on 06 Feb, 2012 06:26:36 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

It is a power point presentation
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202110657.pptx
Posted by divya singh on 01 Feb, 2012 05:24:54 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

Documentation on effect of horror shows on children
It is a project report
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202110722.doc
Posted by divya singh on 01 Feb, 2012 05:20:38 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

Effect of Horror Shows on Children
It is a power point presentation
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202110728.pptx
Posted by divya singh on 01 Feb, 2012 05:16:24 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

Banking System
It is a ppt
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202110730.ppt
Posted by divya singh on 01 Feb, 2012 05:03:36 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

Customer Satisfaction of Reliance Info Comm.
Today telecom sector has many players due to the liberalized government policies. As the initial investment required are high, entry and exit barriers are also high.
Download project_mba_1202011212.doc
Posted by kartik kumar Soni on 01 Feb, 2012 00:12:25 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Loaning Strategy of I.C.I.C.I Bank
Download project_pgdm_1202110739.doc
Posted by Aaditya singh on 30 Jan, 2012 05:37:58 under "Professional Courses > PGDM"

Download project_mba_1201300636.doc
Posted by Aaditya singh on 30 Jan, 2012 05:36:00 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Aviva Life Insurance
Market Acceptance of Unit Linked Insurance Plans In Comparison To Traditional Plans
Download project_mba_1202090503.doc
Posted by divya singh on 29 Jan, 2012 08:23:01 under "Professional Courses > MBA"

Recession And Inflation
It is a power point presentation based on RECESSION AND INFLATION......
Download project_mathematics_1201290912.pptx
Posted by divya singh on 29 Jan, 2012 08:12:51 under "School > Mathematics"

Material Management System
To make this project we used as backend and oracle as frontend
Download project_electronics_and_communication_engineering_1202110737.docx
Posted by divya singh on 29 Jan, 2012 07:48:27 under "Engineering > Electronics and Communication Engineering"

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