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RED ALERT: AIIMS clarification on the six AIIMS like Institutes coming up at Bhopal, Raipur, Jodhpur, Bhubaneshwar, Patna and Rishikesh.

WEDNESDAY, 21 MARCH 2012, NEW DELHI: With construction work at the six AIIMS-like institutes at the regional centers yet to be completed, the Delhi-based AIIMS, an autonomous body of the Health Ministry, has warned the MBBS aspirants to compete for the 2012 MBBS entrance examination in these colleges at their own risk. The veiled caution was visible in an admission notice posted recently on the website of the AIIMS, Delhi wherein it has invited application for 2012 MBBS entrance examination for its 72 seats and 50 each at the six AIIMS clones coming up at Bhopal, Raipur, Jodhpur, Bhubaneshwar, Patna and Rishikesh. Says its Website: “The admission notice in respect of six AIIMS-like institutions is tentative. In case, for any reasons whatsoever, MBBS courses are not commenced in these centers in the session 2012, no right for admission shall accrue to any candidate who might apply for admission in response to this admission notice.” The warning in the notice has not only left the Health Ministry embarrassed but the officials also feel it would create doubts on the mind of the MBBS aspirants who are looking forward to study in the six medical colleges coming up. “They will be hesitant to apply for these six medical colleges, fearing uncertainty.” Construction of the medical colleges at the six sites is at the various stages as they missed their initial target date of last December. Now, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad is hopeful that classes for MBBS course in these six colleges will begin simultaneously with the AIIMS, Delhi from 2012 August. The AIIMS authority in Delhi has also washed its hands of from any possible liability of any kind whatsoever pertaining to the MBBS course at these institutes According to the notice, the admissions to the MBBS course in these six institutions will be through the same entrance examination to be conducted for admission to MBBS course in AIIMS, New Delhi. While AIIMS at Delhi will hold examination for 72 seats, fifty each seat is proposed in the six AIIMS clones. With no legal mandate to monitor their functioning, the AIIMS, Delhi in its notice has also made it clear that the counseling and admissions as well as any dispute pertaining for the six AIIMS like institutions will be done by the Health Ministry.

Posted by Mr. Pedant on 22 Mar, 2012 03:33:02

Preparation tips for Humanities students


The countdown has begun. With just four days to go for the CBSE Class 12 Board exams, here are few areas that Humanities students should focus on while revising their course systematically.



While there may be tomes of reading matter to plough through, the course is not entirely insurmountable. Students must remember that each text carries a different weight age in the Boards and final preparations must be done accordingly.
“In the CBSE exam, every book has different weight age. Students must remember to focus on the important components of maps, which carry 10 marks. They must also remember the sequence of events and answer the questions in that order.


Political Science

It is important for students to focus on topics such as US dominance in world politics, South Asia in the post-Cold War Era, regional aspirations and conflicts, rise of new social movements and recent developments in Indian politics. However, it is mandatory that students remain at par with current affairs.



Distinguish, contrast, compare, explain, discus, enumerate-parameters that students must not forget while answering questions. While they must remember not to repeat any point under any of these headers, it is important for them to have a few concepts on their fingertips.
“Students should learn the terms of family and kinship, modern urbanization, modern demography, tribal’s, explanation of the RTI Act and the different definitions by Indian sociologists.



It is this subject that will flag off CBSE Class 12 Boards on March 1.
While the length and breadth of the subject might be significantly lesser than the other courses, students must remember to brush up all the questions at the end of every lesson in the Literature Section.
For the language section, the formats for some topics must be absolutely clear.

Posted by Webmaster on 25 Feb, 2012 04:12:08

Is An MBA Right For You?


See the opportunities that an MBA degree could offer.


It's Time to Earn Your MBA. Find the Right Business School Now.


Think an MBA might benefit you? Join us as we explore seven MBA specializations that could help you climb the corporate ladder. In addition to required core courses, most business schools allow you to concentrate on one of these key disciplines:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Health Care Administration
  3. Management
  4. Human Resources (HR)
  5. Marketing/Communications
  6. Technology Accounting

Keep reading to see if one of these MBA specializations is right for you.


1 - Business Administration

Potential career paths: Mastering business administration can help you develop a broad-based background that could help prepare you to move into any number of avenues in today's multi-faceted business world. An administrative services manager, as one example, has an average income of $81,530, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Another position that many MBA students hope to rise into eventually is general manager, a position with an average yearly compensation of $110,550.


2 - Health Care Administration

Potential career paths: Whether you're interested in overseeing pharmaceutical manufacturing at a large plant overseas, working as a fundraising manager at a major hospital, or helping lead a team of sales professionals in the medical device industry, there is no shortage of exciting management options to pursue. Hospital health services managers have an average yearly compensation of $96,660, according to the Department of Labor.


3 - Management

Potential career paths: An MBA with a focus on management could be a great calling card to employers who are looking for employees who have what it takes to grow into senior roles. One route to success would be to start as a project manager and work your way up the ladder. Positions like distribution manager and purchasing manager have average yearly incomes of $85,470 and $96,910 respectively, according to the Department of Labor.


4 - Human Resources (HR)

Potential career paths: An advanced degree like this one is increasingly important and "highly recommended" when trying to land senior HR positions, according to the Department of Labor. Some students move into a related career track as a contract negotiator or mediator, while others gravitate to a more traditional HR track. HR managers have an average annual wage of $105,510, according to the Department of Labor.


5 - Marketing/Communications

Potential career paths: Specializing in marketing/communications while getting your MBA could be great prep for a career in public relations, marketing, sales, or advertising. Management roles in these areas require smart, business-savvy professionals with strong communication skills. According to the Department of Labor, PR managers have an average income of $101,850 while marketing managers average at $120,070.


6 - Technology

Potential career paths: While many students move into technology product management, you could also be prepared to work in related areas like mergers and acquisitions for IT firms. The computer software industry is another exciting career possibility for those with a technology-focused MBA. According to the Department of Labor, the average compensation for software publisher managers is $136,580.


7 - Accounting

Potential career paths: An in-depth understanding of accounting theory and practice is great preparation to work as a CPA or manager in the financial services industry. According to QS World MBA Tour, the finance sector hired 22 percent more MBA grads in 2010 and expects to increase hiring by 11 percent in 2011. Financial managers have an average yearly compensation of $113,730, according to theDepartment of Labor.

Posted by Annu Bhatia on 22 Feb, 2012 03:24:26

11 Surprised

The greatest handicap-Fear, The best day-Today, Hardest thing to do-To begin, Easiest thing to do-Finding faults, Most useless asset-Pride, Most useful asset-Humility, The greatest mistake-Giving up, The greatest stumbling block-Egotism, The greatest comfort-Work well done, Most disagreeable person-The complainer, Worst bankruptcy-Loss of enthusiasm.......

Posted by divya singh on 15 Feb, 2012 03:04:42

About Life

Life is a burden Carry it Life is a mystry Unfold it Life is a struggle Meet it Life is a challenge Accept it Life is a battle Fight it Life is a problem Solve it Life is a duty Perform it Life is a game Play it Life is a song Sing it Life is a bless Take it Life is a dream Realize it Life is a promise Fulfill it Life is a love Enjoy it Life is a beauty Praise it Life is a journey Complete it Life is a friendship Take it Life is a discipline Maintain it Life is the Way to god Worship it.

Posted by Neha Singh on 13 Feb, 2012 10:46:19

Education is only the solution for the job.
Career planning is one of the most crucial factors in your life, which needs no emphasis. It is important at least for two reasons. First, whether you opt for a career in jobs or prefer to be on your own, you must appreciate that there is fierce competition for getting a space in the world of work. Education is only the solution for the job.
Posted by Suraj Jha on 11 Feb, 2012 07:11:52