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MET Bhujbal Knowledge City (METBKC), Admission Notification 2018


As our socialist-democratic-republic waltzes past the diamond jubilee mark, the global economies with their think-tanks, academicians, statesmen & core market players are constantly observing this journey. In spite of being the 2nd most populous nation & the largest democracy, driven by 300 million GenNext youth, we may appear as a minor blip on the global economic radar. But, given the 8 to 9% GDP growth rate, a mature democracy, a multitasking, flexi-mindset driven global workforce with the synergistic combination of sharp - nosed dynamic innovator / investor / entrepreneurial business barons, we have the potential to reach 'commanding heights', in the global scenario. We weathered the 2008 meltdown, through some astute fiscal policies & strong arm central banking interventions. But just as we seem to be gaining some momentum, rising prices, falling output & a yawning current account deficit seem to be dragging us into the long shadow cast by the Euro zone crisis. No wonder, there is a call for all hands to report to the battle stations. A closer scrutiny of our journey of 6 decades reveals that despite adversities & limitations, we have been able to develop pockets of affluence, not necessarily out of choice, but through the proactive dynamism of beneficiaries & undoubtedly, there are some common factors responsible for this phenomenon – the standard ingredients to success like: good access, abundance of relevant infrastructure & an investor friendly socio-political set-up. But the most critical single component has been that all such pockets have high levels of literacy, especially functional literacy. This single dominating factor stands out, when you compare Kerala to Goa or the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. Access to education from the primary to post-graduation levels, in all these areas, appears to be the critical differentiator, between the developed & developing / under-developed areas of the country.


Our Institutes:

  • Institute of Engineering
  • Institute of Management
  • Institute of Pharmacy
  • Institute of D. Pharmacy
  • Institute of Technology Polytechnic
  • Institute of Information Technology

Vision: To shape professionals, to conquer the present & future challenges to the socio economic fabric of our society, by institutionalizing search, development, research & dissemination of relevant knowledge through structured learning system.


Mission: To evolve develop & deliver dynamic learning systems to equip professionals with conscience & commitment to excellence & courage to face business challenges.