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Touch Internationale Montessori House of Children , Bangalore
About: The school had its humble beginning with six children in the year of 1992. It was started by Mrs, Sipra Narayanan, ex-lecturer of Sophia college and a true montessorian who always had a burning desire to be with the little ones and do something for them, something to save them from the agony that they go through during their most valuable developing years by attending conventional schools, which offer them nothing but black board teaching. Touch brings to the present educational system a revolutional change. It aims at all round development of your child by using the means of development to train their intellect, will and motor, so that these three powers work in unison and prepare your child to build the capacity to learn. The learning in touch internatinale is permanent through scientific apparatus (means of development) designed by world-famous child psychologists. The educational challenges have always been met with vigor and innovation by the staff, and the warm support which they and the children receive from the school community is a characteristic of the school. Touch Internationale has been striving to create this learning environment for its children since 1993 and has gained a credible name amongst the Montessori Houses of Children in India. Our mission is to reach the Montessori Method to all children, rich or poor so that they may be spared the rigid education system which does little to recognize the individual creativity and potential in each child.