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Prerana Montessori House of Children , Bangalore
About: The primary goal is to help each child reach his full potential in all areas of life. Activities promote the development of social skills, emotional growth and physical Co-ordination, as well as cognitive preparation for future intellectual academic endeavors. It is a child-centered environment. The holistic curriculum, under the direction of a specifically trained teacher, allows the child to experience the joy of learning, the time to enjoy the process, and ensures the development of self-esteem. It provides the experiences from which children create their knowledge. Prerana provides ample opportunities for making friends, interacting with others, developing consideration for others, learning how to co-operate and fostering a sense of inter-dependence. Children of different ages are together in the same group. This provides abundant opportunities for learning and helps to create a sense of family while everyone contributes and takes responsibility for the functioning and maintenance of the environment. Because of the multi aged group, the class room has a heritage: the older children provide leadership, guidance and act as models for the younger children, they also benefit by helping younger children reinforcing previous skills and knowledge and benefiting from the satisfaction of helping others. The mix of ages also provides opportunities for a variety of safe, lasting and meaningful friendships. The social life of the children is a vital aspect of the Montessori classroom and curriculum. Children are quiet by choice, have respect for others etc. The classrooms allow children to return to “inner peace” that is a natural part of their personalities. There is an emphasis on concrete learning rather than an abstract learning where children need to experience concepts in concrete, that is, “hands on” manner. The children work for the joy of working which promotes the sense of further discovery. Children are “sponges” and delight in learning new tasks, absorbing knowledge naturally, not through force their interests lie in the work itself rather than in the end product. Children are orderly by nature and having the room set this way allows them to grow in a very positive way. The environment provides a natural sense of discipline.