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Naincy Convent , Nainital

About Us:

The vision of Naincy Convent is to provide education needed for future blended with reach Indian Heritage, values and modern living environment. For this Naincy Convent has designed to meet the diverse educational needs of children, whose parents have a passion for academic, excellence coupled with modern living style. Far from the din and dust of noisy environment of crowded cities and nestled in an unpolluted Himalayan ambiance, the school offers the most conducive environs to the young ones to communicate with mother nature and embibe her soul for strengthening and upgrading life sustaining values. The place where at down, one rises with the chirping of birds and at night, goes to bed with lullaby scented breezes of the pines. The soft smiling dawns and placid sunsets turn the school into an enchanting site, where one's mind and spirit are in perfect harmony and commune with nature Northern and Southern sides of the school are edged with meandering streams, making their confluence in the Nalena Canal, just in front of the school premises. Sprawling over 12 acres, the school is surrounded, on all sides by lush green forest.

From its very inception, Naincy Convent has been imparting education to its wards, imbibed with great tradition set by our sages and reformers. Our collective endevour remains that a child attains physical, mental, moral and spiritual qualities that are essentially required for perfect personality for a successful professionalist, a good citizen and human being. It gives us immense satisfaction that we are keeping pace with the world changing speedily in the field of education. The institution is nestled in clean and unpolluted Himalayan ambiances which make it an ideal learning center. Volumes written on natural beauty of the great Himalaya slopes is true to the environment and exciting location of this institution.


  • Naincy Convent is co-educational and residential school. All students must live on campus .Day   scholars are not admitted.
  • Academic year is from April to March.
  • Admissions are offered on the basis of entrance tests held in school campus/other town.
  • Registration fee is non-transferable, non-adjustable and non-refundable.
  • Minimum age of admission to Kg class is 4+ on first march of the academic year.