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Mahila Mandali Montessori House of Children , Bangalore
About: Mahila Mandali Montessori House of Children was started in 1968. It has 3 environments in the House namely Yamuna, Ganga and Tunga units. We have another unit called Sarswathi in which the 3rd year Montessori children work.Every year we celebrate Dr. Maria Montessori's Birthday. On this occasion we all sing songs which are related to children's work.Every year we celebrate the first House of Children's day on January 6th. We conduct a variety of programmes. Every year we take the children for field trips, which is for an educational purpose like Post office, Fire station, Printing Press, etc. We conduct parents meeting twice a year. Every Saturday parents are free to come and observe the work of their children. During meetings we demonstrate the presentation to the parents.This year on the occasion of the 101 years of the First House of Children to spread awareness about Montessori method of education we took the children for a walk from Mahila Mandali to Kempa Gowda Statue which is in Netkallappa Circle.