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Discover Montessori House of Children , Bangalore
About: Dr Montessori reiterates that the possibility of observing the developments of the psychical life of the child as natural phenomena and experimental reactions transforms the school itself in action. The quality of observation comprises various minor qualities such as ‘Patience’. To initiate the child into learning Discover Montessori is a team comprising, of patient and observant teachers. Mrs. Sumathi Ravindranath, Directress and Head Teacher of Discover Montessori. She is a Special educator and holds a diploma in Specific Learning Disabilities and Integrated Education from NIMHANS-Bangalore.She received her Diploma in 1999 from The Indian Montessori Training Center (IMTC).She is a university rank holder with a Master’s degree in Sociology. “Childhood Learning and Behavior” is her area of Specialization. The Montessori team comprises of: Mrs. Sandhya G. Dutt who has been with Discover since 2002. She is a certified Primary Orientation Programmer (IMTC). She is the Adult-In-Charge and co-coordinator for the writing and reading Activities. Mrs. Swarna Harish (IMTC-S) who has been with Discover since 2004 is Adult-In-Charge and the programme co-coordinator for Group Activities.