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Delhi Public School Panipat City , Panipat, Haryana

About Us:


DPS Panipat City is an outcome of a desire to cultivate talent and create opportunities for the children of Haryana to be on a global platform. The school is dedicated to maintaining an environment with respect for the individual and an outstanding faculty to foster independent thinking, creativity, responsibility and a strong sense of moral integrity. The campus serves to be a model with environmentally responsible design, with learning spaces, in accordance with global consciousness on pollution control and protection of our planet.


DPS Panipat City, has adopted a curriculum, which combines the best of available techniques, tried and tested across the country by various DPS Schools. The campus complements the highest standards in education that DPS stands for, with student-friendly ambience and academically oriented environment, closely supporting curriculum goals.


X-Seed Program:


For the benefit of young students, experiential learning concept is incorporated in the school’s curriculum from class I –V with a vision to make learning an experiential process for every child. As X-seed integrates the CBSE, and is built along the recommendations of the National Curriculum frame work (NCF), we believe that our children will receive the right base to start a learning process that is lifelong.


This is a complete curriculum, training and student assessment program and covers Science, Social Science, Maths and English. At the heart of XSEED is the belief that learning is a cycle based on experience, analysis, action and reflection as compared to the traditional one step textbook-telling approach.


Smart Class Rooms:


Delhi Public School Panipat City is evolving. It is evolving from a school to an institution. Education at DPS Panipat City is no more confined to mere four walls. Nor is schooling confined to a set of students and a set of teachers in a set of classrooms.