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Birla Vidya Niketan , New Delhi

About Us:

Birla Vidya Niketan, a forward-looking, secular and child-centered  English medium  co-educational public school was established in July 1983, in South Delhi, with the blessings of our Chairperson Dr.Smt. Sarala Deviji Birla and Patron Shri B.K.Birlaji – a gift from the illustrious family to the cause of holistic education in the country. Today BVN stands young and resplendent, raring to grow taller. Our motto ’knowledge is the elixir of life’ inspires our students to grow as enlightened individuals, with a sense of worth, ever striving towards excellence.               

BVN enjoys a distinguished reputation of academic excellence and a wide range of opportunities in a stimulating intellectual environment. Under the aegis of Birla Academy of Art and Culture, it is committed to kindling creativity that has the power to ennoble the soul. We are indeed a school with a difference, who strongly believe that education is not merely an academic pursuit; it is an emotional, social and physical commitment to every child who is considered different and the difference is celebrated.

BVN is committed to empowering generations of young students through offering excellence in education. Our classrooms are a microcosm of the world wherein dreams and aspirations of our pupils are nurtured, where their intellect acquires a cutting edge discernment to enter the knowledge hub and where ethical and social values are firmly sewn into their conscience so that they grow as confident, motivated men and women of integrity and honour. Our children are the dream givers and actors in this dynamic process of innovative learning.

Admission Open for Pre-School & Pre-Primary.

Age Criterion:

3+ as on 31st March 2012 (Born between 1st April’08 - 31st March’09).

4+ as on 31st March 2012 (Born between 1st April’07 - 31st March’08).