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Ankita Montessori House of Children , Gandhinagar Tumkur
About: Ankita Montessori the house of children was started in 1997 in the month of June.Mrs Meenakshi Shivaramakrishnan the Director of Indian Montessori Training courses, formally inaugurated the building and enlightened the parents about the Montessori movement. Ankita Montessori House of Children is located in Amar Jyothi Nagar in Tumkur about 70km from Bangalore on the National Highway-4.The building comprises of a single hall measuring about 11 squares. The environment is well equipped with the Montessori materials and caters to the needs of the children belonging to the age group of two and a half to six. There is ample space in the outer environment and it is utilized for Exercises of Practical life activities. A few outdoor play equipments are provided.Admissions are open for Children of age group two and half to three years. Children are admitted whenever they turn two and half years of age any time of the year from June to March. The environment works under the guidance of well trained Montessori adults and is recognized by the Indian Montessori Centre Bangalore. The Directress of the House of Children Mrs.Shubha is trained by Mrs. Meenakshi Shivaramakrishnan in the year 1993 and holds an Association Montessori International Diploma. The other adult Harshitha.G.C.is also trained by IMTC Bangalore in the year 2002. We also have 2 other faculty members who help children in other co-curricular activities, such as Art, Music, Story telling, Puppetry, Games etc.